Corporate Social Responsibility

Greater Good

Some of you may already know that Matahari Shop is a CSR company, yet, this is not over. We are now moving forward from volunteering and making donation to donating clothes, base on how many clothes we have sold in this website. Means x quantity of clothes purchased in this website, we will donate x quantity of clothes' value for people in need.

This may not new to Malaysia, but it is never enough when it is talking about rebating our society. In the past few years, we had sponsored tree planting project, donated stationary for orphan, donated daily supplies for people affected by flood and more:

We also got some certificates for our sponsoring.

Don't get us wrong, we are not bragging about our achievement.

The reason we display these is because we hope there are more people to join us in the journey of helping the community.

Be Generous, To Give is To Take.

Matari promised will keep helping the community as a return of taking from society.

Your Best Uniforms,