1. How do I make selection and pay with this website?

Please visit how to buy for step-by-step guide from making selection to online payment.

2. What can I do, if I have Ordered Wrong Size/Colour?

If haven't make a payment yet. It can be cancelled easily by log in, visit "Order History", "View", "Return" and fill in the form accordingly.

3. What can I do, if I just realized I have Ordered Wrong Size/Colour after I paid?

Please follow step 2 above and make us a call.

4. I just realise I have purchase defected item/ wrong size/colour, what should I do?

MatariShop do provide 30days exchange policy, for more details, please visit Return Policy

5. Can I get a refund if I no longer need those item(s)?

Unfortunately , Matarishop do NOT have refund policy. So it can be either exchange to other product with same amount,

pay extra for other products or receive coupon valid for 6 months.

6. I heard Matari is a CSR company, where can I find those information?

Please visit CSR for past achievement and certificate.